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81% of large businesses and 60% of small businesses all suffered a cybersecurity breach in 2014.

The loss of data and the resulting impact, is a risk that businesses can no longer ignore.

“I firmly believe there are only two kinds of companies in the world, those who been breached and know it and those that have been breached and don’t know it”
– Ted Schlein, Cyber Security Expert

GUIDE Cyber Insurance v1.0

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New European laws on data protection and cyber security are set to come into force, which carry large fines and penalties for firms who breach data protection rules or do not maintain adequate protection against cyber threats.

ProfilePI has developed a full Cyber Solution aimed at businesses to manage cyber risk at every stage:


Our Risk Management Portal helps educate businesses on cyber and data hygiene, how to adopt best practice and train staff. It complies with the UK Governments Cyber Essentials Scheme and demonstrates a basic level of Cyber Security.

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When a breach happens, Cyber Insurance pays for the resulting costs your business may face. These can include: damages or claims which you may become legally obligated to pay such as theft, loss or unauthorised disclosure of personally identifiable information or corporate information; computer systems failure, failure to prevent transmission of malicious code or breach of notice law.


Once the breach has been identified, our Breach Response service can provide identity and credit monitoring services for all affected records and / or people. Computer security experts can be provided to trace the source of the breach and we can help cover the costs of regulatory fines and penalties. We can even provide Public Relations and Crisis Management expenses to help your business recover from reputational damage.

This protection is available for a wide range of businesses operating all across the UK. Every business has some form of exposure to Data security and new EU laws will apply to every UK business.

For more information about protecting your business from Cyber Threats, please contact ProfilePI today.

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Did you know…?

That a study found that 56% of all Cyber Attacks originated from within an organisation. External defences such as firewalls and patches only prevent the external threats, but not the threats from within. Employees with a grudge or those attempting theft pose the greatest threat to organisations.

Preventing a breach is virtually impossible, but businesses can take steps to reduce the likelihood of a breach and also limit the damage caused, by taking basic Cyber hygiene steps.

“A data breach isn’t always a disaster. Mishandling it is.”

Cyber Insurance should be considered as your safety net, in case good practice and IT defences fail. 50% of senior security officers, when questioned, said Business Disruption was the biggest impact following a Cyber Security event. Over one quarter said reputational damage was the second biggest impact. Cyber Insurance can pay to repair the damage and even pay for PR and Marketing to help repair reputational damage. 38% of consumers would consider no longer doing business with a company following a Cyber Security event.

Find out more about UK Governments Cyber Essentials Scheme click here.

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